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LCPAAA Police Academy Scholarship


Lakeland Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association (LCPAAA) has created a scholarship program to assist individuals with the costs associated in attending the Police Academy at Polk State College. It is hoped that these funds will aid in continuing to attract the best and brightest to the ranks of the Lakeland Police Department. Until the LCPAAA is able to build a significant base in the fund, the scholarships will be limited to a small number of $500 grants each year. Persons meeting the entry criteria below may submit an application which is available for printing from this website.

Law Enforcement Scholarship Qualifications

1. Applicants must meet one of the following:

       a. A member or previous member of the Lakeland Police Department Explorers.

       b. A Lakeland Police Department employee or employee’s dependent.

       c. A member or dependent of a member of the Lakeland Citizens Police Academy Alumni

           Association in good standing

       d. Specifically endorsed in writing by a sworn member of the Lakeland Police Department.

2. Applicants must meet all of the following:

       a. Entry criteria for the Law Enforcement Program at PSC.

       b. Must have resided in Polk County for at least one year.

      c. Must demonstrate a sincere desire to serve in the Lakeland Police Dept.

In addition to the competitive scholarships described above, the LCPAAA has approved one specific annual scholarship grant. The Arnulfo Crispin Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $500 is granted each year by the serving Lakeland Police Department Chief.

Download and Print Application Here

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